The sports that the 24 teams played were: badminton, provided by WH Community Badminton Network clubs; dance by Living the Dream; football by Harvesters Football club and Onslow Sports Academy; and tennis by Gosling Tennis. The children also took part in Road Safety and Healthy Eating sessions.

  Badminton Coach Ian Robinson and Ocado Helper get the  children started in the badminton fun




The overall competition winners were Howe Dell, Road Safety was won by Green Lanes and best Team Spirit went to Oak View.

The event was sponsored and managed by the national charitable trust, SportInspired, with local sponsors The Galleria and Ocado. It was clear that all the children had a great time. Kat Hodge, Senior Games Manager at SportInspired was very pleased at how the event went and said it would not have been possible without the well-mannered and very enthusiastic children, the help of the sponsors, the teachers, the sports coaches, Onslow St Audrey school leaders, 54 volunteers from Ocado and The Galleria. The trophies were presented by senior SportInspired, Ocado and Galleria staff with the help of WH mayor Lynne Sparks.

Funding for the event also provides the opportunity for schools to have after school sessions of the sport of their choice from the participating organisations: lead contacts are: Badminton at Hatfield Leisure Centre, Ian Robinson; Dance, Zoe Jackson; Gosling Tennis, Phil Martin; Football, see

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