Information related to Physical Exercise

BMI and obesity: Where are you on the UK fat scale?

The Ageing Process and Health (Parliament Office of  Science and Technology, Feb 2018)

Herts County Council and Herts Independent Living aanounce Active Ageing

MacMillan Physical Activity

Physical Activity recomendations from NHS

as an interesting 1-page infographic    

Find out your Heart age on NHS site

Public Health England summary recommendations for WH 2017 'Local priorities include reducing obesity and increasing physical activity in adults, reducing smoking, and helping the growing older population maintain their health.'  See PHE Health profile for WH

Active10 - how to get 10 minutes brisk activity into your day, by the NHS.  As seen on TV - Includes link to app. Click here


Enjoy Hertfordshire’s Parks

The new ParksHerts website provides information about our parks, including maps of walking and cycling routes, activity trails, historical and wildlife guides, events and park facilities. 

Health Walks in Hertfordshire - New!